Staff Accommodation In Al Quoz Dubai for Rent / Sale and Lease

Riveria Global is a well-known name when it comes to staff accommodation in Dubai. We have been providing staff accommodations to all types of businesses for around past two decades. Whether it is a corporate looking for a well-furnished staff accommodation for its employees, or an industrial firm looking for a staff accommodation with basic amenities for its staffs, we have successfully served all our clients’ requirements.

Irrespective of the size of the clients’ demand, we have been able to deliver that is again with a competitive price. With staff accommodation sizes ranging from 5000 sq-ft to 100,000 sq-ft, we can accommodate the requirements of any business.  We are managing a property of around 4.2 million sq-ft and more properties are being added every day in order to meet the varied demand of our customers.

In case, you are an investor or a buyer looking for the right type of property to invest, we advise you to invest on staff accommodation for a great ROI. Given the current demand of staff accommodation in the Dubai market, you can expect an ROI of 20%. Suppose you are a landlord who wishes to rent or sell staff accommodation, we can assist you in getting the right buyer.

STAFF Accommodation In Al Quoz Dubai
STAFF Accommodation In Al Quoz Dubai

Why Are We The Best When It Comes To Staff Accommodation?

  • Catering to all types renting, buying and selling needs.
  • Available at competitive prices.
  • Available with basic amenities to modern facilities.
  • Offers best returns on investment.
  • Starting from 10 rooms to 500 rooms.
  • Easy payment options for buyers and investors.
  • Unit sizes ranging from 5,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft.

Clients Testimonials

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Our Experience:

Capitalizing on around two decades of experience, we have been assisting many businesses and individuals in their search for real estate property staff accommodation for sale and rent or lease in dubai uae. Our experience says that we have to be customer focused and ensure that sellers, buyers and developers are provided with personalized service.

Warehouses In Dubai - 9 years
Labour Camps / Accommodation - 8 years
Commercial Villa / Bunglows In Dubai - 6 Years
Full Buildings In Dubai - 5 years

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If you are looking for a staff accommodation in dubai to buy or sell and rent or lease, please feel free to call us on +97 143805460 or email your requirements.

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