Residential Plots & Lands For Sale / Rent / Lease In Dubai

Dubai has seen a massive growth during the recent years in the property market. This growth rate has helped in attracting the attention of various global organizations. Individual foreign investors have also shown their interest in the residential plots of Dubai foreseeing a huge increase in ROI.

Riveria Global, the brand, is always associated with the best service, best offers and trustworthiness when it comes to real estate business. Riveria Global has a list of plots at many locations that have the potential of attracting an amazing ROI. Compared to the ready-made houses, apartments, villas, plots can fetch you more and more returns.

Buyers and investors who are interested in investing residential plots Riveria Global can offer variety and affordability. Sellers can also list their residential plot with us to offer a better exposure to their property. Lots of buyers and investors come to Riveria when it comes to consultation on property investment. We are a perfect platform for buyers, sellers and investors.

We offer buyers the best deal; we recommend best property to investors and help out seller to sell their property at a faster rate without any hassles.

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Residential Lands / Plots Highlights:

  • Residential plots of all sizes for any budget.
  • Plot area starting from 5,000  to 60,000 sq-ft.
  • Easy connections to main roads.
  • Offers a ROI between 10% to 15%.
  • Suitable for investors and buyers with any size of budget.
  • Available at all prime and suburb locations.

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Our Experience:

Commercial Propeties In Dubai - 9 years
Warehouses In Dubai - 9 years
Residential Plots In Dubai UAE - 7 years
commercial Lands In Dubai - 7 years