Restaurants for Sale / Rent / Lease In Dubai

Dubai is an amazing place to set up a restaurant. Being a melting pot of an array of cultures and scores of demographics from across the globe, Dubai has been attracting many businesses. What you need to make sure is whatever you offer must be best-in-the-industry. Qualitative food and affordability will make impact your business. However, ambience and location will also take the driver’s seat in the restaurant business. 

Riveria Global  takes the worries from you by offering a myriad of restaurant space at competitive prices. Whether you are a buyer looking for a running restaurant or a space for opening a restaurant, we can of immense help. Besides this, we can even help sellers willing to sell their well-established restaurant or restaurant space. 

Individual investors or companies looking for a long-term investment must invest in a restaurant which an offer an ROI from 10% to 15% P.A.  We have helped many investors interested in investing in the hospitality industry. Being in the business for more than two decades, we can help you in taking an informed decision.

If you want to see Restaurants for Sale in Dubai or Restaurants Space for lease in Dubai listings, visit investor property portal 

Restaurants for sale lease In Dubai

Restaurant Highlights:

  • Running restaurants and customizable space available.
  • Sizes available ranging from 1,000 to 54,000 sq-ft.
  • Assured ROI from 10% to15% P.A
  • Available at all prime and suburb locations.
  • Easy payment options available for buyers.
  • Best investment option for buyers or investors with a decent budget.
  • Finance available for serious buyer.

Clients Testimonials

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Our Experience

Capitalizing on around two decades of experience, we have been assisting many businesses and individuals in their search for real estate property restaurants for sale and rent or lease in dubai UAECall Now At 055-279-2403 and Get FREE Instant Quote!. Our experience says that we have to be customer focused and ensure that sellers, buyers and developers are provided with personalized service.

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