Formed in 2008, Riveria Global started its operations as a real estate company in Dubai. From being a free-zone company, it has successfully charted its way up to become a limited liability company. With an aim to systematically bring together the vast dynamics of the real estate business in the Middle EastRiveria Global became a Group Company with the addition of  Riveria Global Real Estate in 2010. In 2014, the company has expanded the horizon of its service offerings with the addition of Riveria Global Advertising. The group has added yet another feather to its crown, Riveria Global Interior Designing to cater to the increasing need of interior designing sector. The company is dedicatedly working towards achieving its vision of becoming a world-class company that delivers quality output in real estate, advertising and interior designing sector.


Our knowledge and experience landed us in a unique position to offer unrivaled service, whether you are looking to buy or sell a home. Our thorough and hand on experience in areas such as luxury residential and commercial developments; be it luxury villas, warehouse or retail units, our practical real estate mastery have helped us invent a rapidly growing real estate environment and have the creative vision to foresee the needs of our clients. The company’s profound level of experience, dealing with the personalized requirements of our residential clients to corporate clients and large multi-million dollar investments has given of Riveria Global the depth of knowledge necessary to deal with every realty concern.




Mr. Dinesh Ramchand is a seasoned businessman well known for his negotiation skills, business acumen and vibrant personality. He is also a successful director who handles his business with a strong passion. He follows judicious attention to details when he serves his clients.

Possessing vast experience in real estate industry has taught him that the best possible result on the sale of their property is attained with proper team guidance and understanding. He has extensive experience in property sales, property marketing and investment consultancy.



Mr. Girish Gurnani is a veteran when it comes to leadership, management skills with strong business acumen. He has a sharp mind that can assimilate information from various sources and come up with sound strategic solution to any issues.

His passion consists of marketing property in a creative way and he always keeps the focus on the target till he achieves it. With all the required skill needed in the real estate market, he has established himself as an excellent Global Manager.


Director Finance

The Long term vision of Ms Veena Chauhan enables us to focus on consolidated business development strategy.

Ms Veena being Director Finance has been instrumental in the rapid expansion of the Group, within the UAE region, planning for the future is her motto as she terms it “Future is now, tomorrow never comes”


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