The reasons to invest in Dubai real estate are plenty, but let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons to invest in Dubai real estate.


  • Dubai tourism is flourishing:
    The tourism industry has seen a leap since 2015 and is will be growing tenfold in the upcoming years owing to the development. The country has boosted tourist related infrastructure and development that has attracted leisure and business travelers from around the world.
    The tourism infrastructure has developed massively, from museums, to theme parks; tourists from abroad have every reason to land in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa, Global Village, Palm Island, Wild Wadi, Bollywood theme park, Dubai Marina, etc.
    This industry’s growth will simultaneously see growing job opportunities. We all know that good food always wins hearts, so buying space and opening a restaurant is a great idea, given the prospect of growth with profit as tourist continuously flow.  Not forgetting, with various world events like the Dubai world cup, Expo 2020, being held in Dubai, tourists will be gushing.
  • Dubai to host expo 2020:Dubai is all set to host the expo 2020 which will be taking place from October 2020 to April 2021. An event where the entire world will be bustling. The off plan property sector has grown multifold and investors and buyers are eyeing the properties next to Al Maktoum international airport (DWC) that is on the south of Dubai and it is guaranteed that the properties located there will be spewing high returns on investment.
  • High returns on investment:
    Investments are essential for returns on investment and growing investment is because of the growing population in Dubai. The rising population of expatriates is creating demands for rented apartments. Since the expo 2020 is creating many jobs, housing will be a decision to make, so providing housing to a growing population will ensure returns on investment on the properties aka investment. The growth of the Dubai market is supported by factors such as security, tax free haven and safe investment structure, assuring realtors of lucrative returns.
    It is known that return on a property on its location, surrounding infrastructure, quality of construction and of course the developers repute. But there is always a catch in a seemingly good advertisement. Never fall for high return on investment illusions, always read the policies, terms and conditions. So make sure to thoroughly do your research about the developer and then make an informed decision.
  • Safety along with high living standards:
    While purchasing a property safety in mind is important. The crime rate in UAE is quite low all thanks to the stringent laws, fines and punishments.
    According to mercer’s 2017 quality of living survey, Dubai Is ranked the best city for quality of living across the Middle East and African region. The categories used to evaluate the quality were medical and health considerations, schools, educations, recreation; housing etc. the infrastructure is protected by a strong force of police, rules and laws. Mobility is made easier with metros, trams and buses at convenient locations, connecting all the major spots of Dubai.
  • Intention to be the world’s happiest city:
    In 2016, the Dubai government created the ministry of happiness, it passed a decree to develop programs and policies that will improve the happiness of Dubai’s residents. H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister and ruler of Dubai, has adopted the happiness agenda by Smart Dubai. The happiness agenda is a globally unique, science base approach to measuring and impacting people’s happiness, fueling the city’s transformation.
    The happiness agenda has different approaches that are firmly rooted in science and expands on traditional approaches to societal wellbeing, introducing a requirement for meeting individual’s essential daily life needs to encompass the whole city experience. They even aim to provide opportunities that will lead to positive emotions and feelings such as fun, joy and even allow people to access services in an efficient an seamless way. Dubai Is hell bent- on making its residents happy as happiness is the core to all our lives and it is required to take any decision with a stable mind.

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