Dubai is seeing a huge demand in labor or staff accommodation these days due to a huge influx of companies to Dubai and as the existing businesses are expanding. To tap the opportunity, Riveria global is providing an array of quality labor or staff accommodation options to the businesses. With a 4.2 million sq-ft of property under its management, Riveria has scores of labor accommodations with sizes ranging from 5000 sq-ft to 100,000 sq-ft that can accommodate the requirements of the businesses.

We strongly recommend buyers or investors to invest on labor accommodations to get an amazing ROI. We assure an ROI of around 20% given the current market condition that demands more and more space for staff accommodation. If you are a landlord willing to give your Staff Accommodation On Rent In Dubai or want to sell, Riveria can help you get a buyer at the earliest. Companies that are looking to rent a staff accommodation for their employees can contact us to get a never-before deal at competitive prices.

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