Floral designs are always gorgeous and serene; everyone loves some flowery design in their home. The best aspect about floral design is they never go out of style, most of the vintage design feature floral beauty. Floral designs are understated; it can make a room look bold and showy at the same time.


Floral Wallpaper: You can easily find wallpapers of any kind. Choose elegant floral wallpaper that suits your taste and install it on a single side of the wall and paint the other side of the wall with suitable soft/dark color that matches or provide suitable contrast with the wallpaper. Using floral wallpaper all over your room must be done carefully to avoid monotony. A backdrop of floral design in your living room with furniture and accessories complimenting the backdrop.  A floral rug or carpet can be the real star of the room.



Floral Tile:  We know some floral tiles look too outdated (Left Image) and none of us are fond of them.  So to make it look appealing choose a floral tile that has big floral designs in them and install them, give an outline to your bathroom with floral tile or if you prefer full floral wall then go for floral mosaics.




Mosaic Wall (Below Image)

Floral Decoration: Floral paintings always give a classic appeal to your home; you can also incorporate floral bed sheets, curtains, floral headboard and floral plants. The list is endless, make sure you don’t go overboard or else you will not be able to develop a harmonious looking environment.


Choose Vintage:  Vintage design often tends to have floral aspects which look rich and regal. Your room can easily look splendid. The intricate detailing and finishes can exude charm and grace.


Do you think that floral designs reflect too much of feminine touch? What makes you want to incorporate floral designs to your home?



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