Life in Dubai is known for its safety and glamorous lifestyle; it’s not always about the opulent living in Dubai, there are many elements which contributes to the overall happiness of people living in Dubai. Let’s find out the special International Happiness Day Surprises what makes expats happy in Dubai.

Numerous expats share their experience and under lying reasons that makes the expats the happiest. Expats share their happiness story which imparts love, harmony and peace. Expats say that the Emiratis are very humble and generous; they interact with every nationality also try every now and then to learn various expat cultures. The mutual love between the Emiratis and the expats has bloomed into a one of a kind bonding. The multi-culturalism and UAE government respect for all nationality and religious tolerance leads to perfect rules that implore and spread happiness in the region. The cleanliness is another aspect with ease of living and a tax free salary along with being able to follow your cultural traditions. The outstanding infrastructure developments; be it residential or commercial, has paved it way to many dream homes and business industries. Expats them being out sometimes at late night due to work timing or while recreating with their friends, they say that it is super safe no matter how late it is, there is vigilant recurrent patrolling which not only make them feel safe but also keeps the city void of even the slightest crime. Expats say that Dubai gave them a healthy and fulfilling multinational social circle; being able to come across people from all around the globe and having multicultural friends even despite numerous differences. All 200 nationalities living under one umbrella spreading peace and happiness is the result of honorable leaders. Dubai has opportunities for everyone and systematic corporate environment to grow ones career or business. Dubai has an aura which transcends the expats boredom such as a feel at home mood in Dubai regardless of where you are, being able to shop anytime, lots of surprises and prizes, wonderful civilization prospering with visionary leaders and inspirational ideologies. The honorable leaders of Dubai are setting a legacy and a proud example for the future to look at and follow.


Surprises on International Happiness Day in Dubai

  • Free taxi rides to popular tourist spots such as La Mer, Global Village, Dubai Parks and Resort and many more.
  • Metro riders will receive free gifts at Metro stations.
  • More than 600 stores in Dubai are offering a 50% discount on grocery items until 20th of April.
  • Free gifts at Dubai Safari
  • Zabeel Park market will be distributing free gifts to visitors.
  • The first 20 visitors wearing yellow outfit will be given free passes to Lego land.

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